Man with No Plan: Biden Says He ‘Hopes’ Inflation Goes Down in 2023

President Joe Biden appears to the world to be a bumbling, doddering old man who still has no plan for digging our economy back out of the hole he plunged us into.

Last month he told reporters that he “hopes” inflation will go down in 2023.


A reporter asked, “Can you say when you expect prices to get back to normal, Mr. President?”

“I hope by the end of next year . . . but I can’t make that prediction. I’m convinced we’re not going to go up. I’m convinced they’re going to continue to go down,” Biden replied as he exited the room.


“Inflation is coming down in America,” he previously stated. “Make no mistake, prices are still too high. We still have work to do.”

With all due respect, we do not want to hear about Biden’s hopes and dreams. We want to hear a plan and how he plans to execute it so that we can afford to live comfortably again.

As the House Republicans tweeted at the time, “Eggs are up 49.1%, airline fares are up 36%, milk is up 14.7%, electricity is up 13.7%, groceries are up 12%, chicken is up 12%, gas is up 10.1%, and baby food is up 10.9%.”

The inflation is insane. I would not be surprised if those numbers are not even higher this month. Especially on eggs!

I used to buy the 60 count pack of eggs for about $6 at Walmart. Just out of curiosity, I checked prices a couple days ago and that same pack of eggs is now over $16! That is a $10 price difference since Biden took office.

Thankfully we own chickens now and a herdshare with a local dairy farmer, so we are not hurting for eggs and milk like many people are. However, the electricity, gas, and grocery bills have shot up exponentially under Biden.

I think I speak for most Americans when I say we want former President Donald Trump back in the White House! At least then we could live comfortably with some extra spending money. These days, many folks in the middle class are pinching pennies and barely scraping by.


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