Majority of French Want Peace, Negotiations With Russia

A new poll released late last week reveals that the majority of French citizens would prefer their government begin peace talks with Russia and Ukraine, but a key demographic maintains lukewarm support for the mission to indefinitely fund the Ukrainians.

Respondents were given a binary decision: Should France continue to send weapons to Ukraine? Or, should France continue to send weapons to Ukraine while actively pursuing peace talks? Results were published in Le Journal du Dimanche over Christmas.

The poll revealed that 77% of those who voted for populist figure Marine Le Pen support peace talks, and 88% of those who voted for her right wing challenger, Eric Zemmour, also want peace. 69% of former Socialist Party leader Jean-Luc Melenchon’s voters support peace as well.

Just 60% of voters French President Emmanuel Macron’s voters support peace talks, and only 57% of Socialists, the newspaper reported.

Perhaps fueling French uncertainty regarding what to do with Russia and Ukraine.

Despite attempts from the West to present a unified front and the image of a valiant and victorious Ukrainian counter offensive, almost 46% of French citizens now say they are unable to predict the outcome of the war.

The poll also revealed that vulnerable and impoverished communities within France are those most concerned with the state of the war, including 92% of its retired people, 87% of citizens who have not completed higher education, and 86% of those living in rural areas.

Meanwhile in the United States, Americans are continuing to express discontent after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Congress to plead for more money ahead of Christmas.

Dismissing concerns that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent in Ukraine amount to “charity,” Zelensky insisted that the money is an “investment” toward “global security and democracy” and, thus, should be celebrated.

Many conservative commenters reported being banned from Twitter for criticizing the wealthy Ukrainian actor-turned-leader.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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