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Liz Cheney Refuses to Answer Question on Ray Epps, Slams Any Inquiry as a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Outgoing Congresswoman Liz Cheney refused to answer questions when confronted about Ray Epps, slamming any inquiry into his involvement in January 6 as a “conspiracy theory.”

Speaking at an event at the University of Chicago last week, Cheney, who suffered a landslide defeat against a Trump-backed primary challenger in August, was quizzed by student and independent journalist Daniel Schmidt about her actions while on the January 6 Committee.

Schmidt noted that in June, Cheney cited the prosecution of a number of Proud Boys who the Department of Justice said “directed, mobilised, and led members of the crowd onto the Capitol grounds and into the Capitol.”

“The fact of the matter is, we have another person on camera doing exactly that. His name is Ray Epps,” Schmidt highlighted, to groans from the crowd. “It’s not a conspiracy theory,” he added.

Epps was seen on video repeatedly saying that “we need to go into the Capitol,” despite saying that he would be “arrested” if he gets caught saying that. Darren Beattie of Revolver News declared that Epps was “the only individual caught on camera repeatedly urging people to go into the Capitol as early as January 5th,” despite being been portrayed sympathetically by the media.

“We have an actual insurrectionist on tape and yet he’s escaped prosecution,” Schmidt pointed out to Cheney. “So let me just ask you right here. Do you demand the prosecution of Ray Epps?” he asked the outgoing Representative.

Unsurprisingly, Cheney was deflective in her answer, claiming that people were “confused” about the role of Congress and about “who makes decisions about prosecutions”:

“I don’t think anybody has denied that that video tape exists. I’ve seen the videotape. I’ve seen thousands of people saying things like ‘let’s go into the Capitol’. You’ve seen trials of a number of people who did go into the Capitol. You’ve seen convictions of thousands of them. I think the question is whether or not you understand who makes prosecution decisions, and the people who make decisions about whether they’re going to prosecute or not is at the Department of Justice.”

Instead of addressing the specifics of what Epps had actually been caught on camera doing, Cheney reverted back to attacking “conspiracy theories” about his involvement with the federal government, which she claimed there was “no evidence” of.

Cheney said that Americans must “set aside conspiracy theories and agree fundamentally on what is the line in our democracy that can’t be crossed,” with that being “you can’t use violence to attempt to overturn an election, if you’re the President of the United States you have to guarantee the peaceful transition of power, and we have to be a nation of laws, and it’s not a partisan issue.”

Following the remarks, another student apologised for Schmidt’s “behavior,” to which Schmidt slammed on Twitter as evidence that other students “will happily defend the regime and warmongers like Cheney” from people just “asking questions.”

This news and commentary by Jack Hadfield originally appeared on Valiant News.



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      1. Yea daddy was a Traitor but his grandpa was a big shot in the navy, so he was forgiven and the dum American people voted for a Traitor, his daughter is no better but maybe she will get prison time not no fancy jail ether time these democratic politicians, judges. Millionaires, billionaires, that are out to destroy America gets doubled what’s coming to them, cease all their assets, pay off our debt, the rest to Social Security that they have been stealing from for generations including the big steal of obamacare 15 billions they took, for obamacare then the following year another 1hundred billion to keep obamacare going

        1. Yep, they all suck not just LIZ, they all suck geo soros and Klaus Swaubb…Who gave them the credence they seem to receive, not elected to anything.

        2. Their just reward is coming when they stand before the Lord God Almighty in the final judgement. Don’t look for any democrat’s in heaven why because all liers are promised their place in the lake of FIRE.

    1. Indict and prosecute the treasonous Deep State Democrat/RINO Jan 6th committee political hacks, especially Liz Cheney.

    2. Dizzy Lizzy’s nasty DAD was a war monger, AND war profiteer, so what else could you expect! Nancy piglosi’s DAD was a criminal ,corrupt politician tightly connected to the Mafia! These two low character females are just following in their daddy’s footsteps

      AND laughing all the way to the bank!

  1. Some people cannot see the forest from the trees. They won’t believe the truth even as they walk towards the showers

    1. That’s because they don’t want to believe the truth and facts. That won’t coincide with their Marxist ideology and deceptive anti-American lies. Cheney is a warmonger just like her old man and has lived off of war profiteering their whole lives.

    2. There is no reason in the world why Cheney is in charge of the kangaroo Court except to keep herself from hating her self too much!
      She is done as far as a career politician, except for dog catcher in her home town!

    1. With both Cheney and Pelosi gone is quite a blessing to our country,but we still have China Joe and Shumur to contend with.

  2. Someone needs to inform Cheny that one of “the lines that cannot be crossed” is cheating a POTUS into office via massive voter fraud, and MSN propaganda.

  3. Cheney is another warmonger like her father and is not interested in the truth! She is driven by hate and revenge and the Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is sad to see so many young people who are so uninformed and indoctrinated by the failed education system!

  4. The Big Lie is the democrat party and this J6 committee. They’ve been caught again and now covering it up as best as they can. Conspiracy, untruths, deception, lies, corruption is what the left party has become. They don’t care about our country or citizens it’s all about their control, power, money in their pockets. It has to be stopped. Our young needs to be un brainwashed and educated with the truth. BLM /Antifa shut down for good and activist kicked out/fired from our government positions. The Squad needs to go, we don’t need these radicals either. We need people of all our parties willing to work together for the people and country. Not illegals and radicals.

    1. Kathie, AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!! I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!! Leftists only care about personal wealth and power, and that they have a seat at the tyranny table when the new world order global dictatorship takes control!!!!! Sadly for them the new world order only lasts for 7 years and they will likely not have seats at that table!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I agree 100% with Kathie. And Country Boy hit the nail on the head!!! These warmongers, liars, cheaters, think we, the people are stupid? LOL!!!

  6. Liz Cheney and her daddy Dick Cheney are the big part of lies. Liz on her fake answers in this interview and her daddy for getting the USA into a war so the Cheney family could make money off the military industrial complex. The Cheney family is scum.

  7. Cheney LIES yet again….. so far , only 948 j6 defendants have been charged….. NOT Thousands as she claims….

  8. Hope this RINO has a job lined up at McDonalds , because she is TOXIC to politics Thank God. They charging the embedded FBI agents and the cops that opened the gates and invited people inside?Why did Pelosi have her daughter tere with a video camera? One might conclude tis was a set up with Pelosi, Schumner and the RINO McConnell , the unholy triad.

    1. It WAS a setup,why did Pelosi refuse President Trump’s offer of 10,000 national guard troops,for security. She wanted the riots to happen so they could charge President Trump with a crime,that was the plan all along. The communist liberals have been after President Trump,even before he became president. President Trump never told anybody to go to the capital and break in,he told the people to go there peacefully. But Antifa had already started rioting,even as he was speaking. Go figure.

  9. As usual the politician claims something is a lie, and by saying so, they themselves are in fact lying. The Democrats (you’re not fooling anyone Liz) just think the general public is stupid, and the can tell us anything and we are supposed to believe it. There hasn’t been an honest President since Eisenhower, and that goes for most of Congress also. IF THEY’RE LIPS ARE MOVING, THEY ARE LYING.

  10. The only thing that old liz has going for her is her last name. It’s time for her to just ride off into the sunset and never return.


  12. you can’t use violence to attempt to overturn an election, if you’re the President of the United States you have to guarantee the peaceful transition of power, and we have to be a nation of laws, and it’s not a partisan issue.”

    Trump didn’t try to overturn an election, he wanted it stopped to recount or look into mischievous dealings going on in certain states. Trump had every right in his rights, to ask for that.
    Trump also asked Pelosi a few days before to enlist 10,000 extra national guard to secure the whole area and 3 times Pelosi denied it. Pelosi denied it because she had a plan all laid out. Pelosi swore to do anythI guess and say anything it would take to ruin President Trump so he could never run for office again and if it meant putting him in jail, she would. She wanted to destroy him and his family. This was said on video in one of her tyrant speeches and it needs to be found and played over and over and her tearing up the Presidential speech. Pelosi should have been arrested right there and dragged out of that place on the spot.
    Pelosi has turned pure evil and full of hate.

    1. Nancy Pelosi’s family have a long time crime family ties. S he e grew up in that evil environment. Her family took her to Cali and the crime family connections continued. Don’t take my word for this check the connections in the Newsom/Pelosi/Brown mess that has been NoCals political structure for years. Legs up K Harris got her ticket punched (literally) in being Willie Browns (no relation to P Brown except in the viper species).

  13. Cheney said that Americans must “set aside conspiracy theories and agree fundamentally on what is the line in our democracy that can’t be crossed”

    Why? According to Cheney we don’t get to determine who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t, the DOJ does. Dizzy Lizzie contradicts herself again. There is no value for us deciding where the line is if the DOJ decides and marches to the beat of a different drummer.

  14. No one should use violence in politics? How many times did Maxine Waters tell people to harass Republicans and make their lives miserable? Why hasn’t she been investigated?

  15. When you’re part of the problem (swamp) you’ll never be part of the solution. When you go to sleep at night and your heart is so full of hate (Trump Derangement Syndrome) you forfeit a campaign and never support the people that elected you (Wyoming), your name is Liz Cheney!

  16. When asking ANY question of ANYBODY becomes a conspiracy or worse yet having the wokies get a law passed against asking questions you can forget the First Amendment. In fact you can toss the entire Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution in the dumpster and forget the entire American way of life. ,,,,,, And just remember. Like half the country that voted for the NWO Marxists (Democrats) last week is all for it.

    What ever happened to the Tea Party people and the rest of the anti establishment Republicans? It seems most republicans running for office are nothing but a bunch of RINO swam rats and nut cases (like Dr Odds) . I know the Republican party is SUPPOSED to be against being sheep like the bad guys but we DO need some kind of leadership that can get people that at least have a chance of winning elections on ballots or it WILL be the end of life as I have know it and yours too. – one more election like last wee and it’s hello Cuba. (We are already on the way in the grocery stores)

  17. We need to make a point of cinsistently reminding the Cheney’s of this world that we are NOT a democracy. We are a republic. There’s a huge difference, and thus the difference between democrats and republicans. You see, a democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner. A republic says the sheep also has rights that cannot be overturned by the votes of two wolves. The democrats feel that if they have one more vote than the opposition, that gives them the power to overrule any stupid thing like a constitution by a simple majority vote.

  18. You get beat down so many times, you get tired of trying. People have been trying for many years. It seems like everyone is against you. No one agrees with you. This is the first ray of hope I have seen in many years. We have to get the bad apples out and start fresh. Please stand behind Trump or someone on the republican side we can trust.

  19. Student audiences at liberal colleges do not change. They are typically low info, ignorant of the constitution, history, and they cannot think beyond simplistic propaganda they year.
    Case in point: Watching CSPAN on 8 Nov 2001, I saw a speech the renowned Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton was delivering at Georgetown Univ, less then two months after 9-11.  Never a fan of Bill – just wondered what he would say.

    He said the 9-11 attacks were a “tragedy,” then he said “But, I understand why they hate us. WE HAVE IT COMING (my caps). After all, look at what we did to them in the Crusades.”
    The college students cheered and applauded through it all, many shouting “F*** America!
    Obviously, the US did not exist until hundreds of years later, but Bill was saying that all of Western civilization, and especially America “has it coming” because of the Crusades. 

    The media here never touched it, but Al-Qaeda and the Taliban used it to keep calling Americans “crusaders” and they still do.   They have used his clip in many of their recruiting videos, claiming Bill Clinton, an American President, admitted that all infidels, especially America, is to blame for the crusades.  

    Of course, Clinton was not and is not the only oracle to blame America for every problem in history. But I imagine many of those students are probably now professors or working in MSM news rooms.  

    1SG, USA, Ret

  20. The cover story for the J6 committee was initially to investigate the peaceful demonstration. Eventually the truth came out that it was aimed at Trump to get him not to run in 2024. It also came out that the violence on Jan6 was probably initiated by undercover FBI and Mercs directed by and paid for by Nancy Pelosi. The committee was completely biased, one sided and the members all democrats and America hating RINOs!!

  21. The real reason that Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump is she like many corrupt politicians fear the real investigations that will come when Trump is back in power. Liz Cheney’s financial worth was 7 million when she was elected. In three years it went to 33 million. CORRUPTION.

  22. Liz Cheney is so arrogant and selfserving that she just expects everyone to believe her and support her evil and corrupt error ridden story of January 6th. To hell with the facts or truth, Liz has spoken and the peons should be punished for not falling at her feet to worship her. Just watch her facial expressions when anyone questions the J6 Committee process or procedures. Her hatred for anyone that doesn’t agree with her is visible. What a pitiful excuse for a human being.

  23. I am looking forward to the moment when the democrats have no further need of Liz Cheney, the useful idiot and they turn on her.

  24. young un’s are stupid, they believe the dems lies hook, line, and sinker, I can’t wait for them to get out in the REAL WORLD

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