Kari Lake Will File Election Contest With Arizona Supreme Court, Election Could Be ‘Annulled’

Star News Digital Media CEO Michael Patrick Leahey recently detailed Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s next election move during an interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast and hinted that the results 2022 election could be “annulled” by the state’s Supreme Court.

“Here’s where we stand right now. Last night, Cochise County became the 15th and final county to certify the election results, but statute, December 5th, which is Monday, Katie Hobbs is set to certify the election. She will do that,” Leahy said.

We’ll wait for Kari Lake to file an election contest in the Superior Court in Arizona, and that case will have 5 days for the judge to determine whether or not Kari’s case has merit or, and the election should be annulled, or whether he will throw that out,” he added. 

Lake previously revealed that a whopping 32% of all tabulation machines across the entire state of Arizona “failed” on Election Day.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Lake lamented a judge appointed by former President Barack Obama for sanctioning her legal team after they filed a lawsuit in June forecasting problematic tabulation machines ahead of the election.

“In June, I sued over the use of tabulators in my election. I alleged these machines were prone to failure This suit was dismissed for standing,” Lake wrote.

“On election day, 32% of the machines failed statewide Yesterday, an Obama-judge sanctioned my lawyers for bringing the suit at all,” she added.

Despite numerous reports of election inconsistencies and accounts of Republican voter disenfranchisement, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been allegedly using the powers of her own office to strong arm hesitant counties across Arizona into certifying her as the next governor.

Two members of the Mohave County board stated that they feel as if they are voting to certify the election results “under duress” after Hobbs’ office threatened that they would “be arrested and charged with a felony” if they didn’t adhere to her demands, Freedom Talk previously reported.


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