KANYE: Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Banned Candace Owens From Interviewing Me

Music artist and fashion designer Kanye “Ye” West revealed this week that he was blacklisted from being interviewed by Candace Owens by Owens’ employers at the Daily Wire, which was founded by Hollywood native Ben Shapiro.

Ye made the revelation during appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast.

“They told Candace Owens I couldn’t be on the Daily Wire,” Ye said. “Like ‘you can’t even explain yourself, and we don’t care how you got to that point either,’ and that’s f**ked up.”

“They told Candace you can’t be on Daily Wire?” Fridman interjected.

“Yes, they did, that’s what they said,and you know what? You can have my voice raised or lowered, I’m gonna do it lower right, because what’s happening to me by – I’ll put in your words, ‘the media’ – is saying ‘not only can you not explain yourself, we don’t care how you got to that point,” West said. “‘You need to apologize and you can’t explain and that’s the end of the story, so just apologize so we can have Mel Gibson do some more films.'”

Ye appeared on the Tucker Carlson Tonight television program earlier this month to address the threats and hatred he has received from liberals and BLM supporters over his support for Donald Trump.

West also revealed BLM agitators warned him that people wearing his newly released “White Lives Matter” shirts would be “greenlit,” or marked as targets for racial and political violence.

“When did you start to feel this way? When did you start to realize this?” Carlson asked of West’s dissent from left-wing Hollywood orthodoxy.

“I think I really started to feel this need to express myself on another level when Trump was running for office and I like him,” West said, “and every single person in Hollywood from my ex-wife to my mother-in-law to my manager at that time, to my so-called friends/handlers around me.”

“[They] told me that if I said that I like Trump that my career would be over, that my life would be over, they said stuff like ‘people get killed for wearing a hat like that,’ they threatened my life, they put my life – they basically said that I would be killed for wearing the [MAGA] hat,” West added.

West noted, “I had somebody call me last night and said that anybody wearing a White Lives Matter shirt is gonna be greenlit, and that means they’re gonna beat them up if they wear it, and I’m like, you know, okay, greenlit me then.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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