Judge Refuses To Give Jan 6 Defendant Time For Footage McCarthy Gave Tucker

United States District Court Judge James Boasberg denied defense lawyers for January 6 defendant Sara Carpenter time to review previously suppressed Capitol security footage that could potentially contain exculpatory evidence in her case, according to a report by the Gateway Pundit.

Jury selection for Carpenter’s trial begins this week despite her legal defenses’ pleas to the judge.

According to reports, Judge Boasberg conceded that Carpenter’s request for a 60 day continuance to review footage that could possibly exonerate her was “certainly not a frivolous request by any means,” but nevertheless denied it — explaining that the move was necessary to prevent other trials from being impacted.

“Boasberg violated Carpenter’s Constitutional Rights by turning down her request after lead Prosecutor Michael Graves asked the judge to ignore her plea in a ‘Government Response to the Motion.’ Boasberg complied with the prosecution, denied Carpenter’s request and ordered the trial start this week minus the footage,” reported GWP.

Sara Carpenter (Gateway Pundit)

“Boasberg’s justification for his unlawful ruling is that delaying trials for Jan. 6 defendants (like Carpenter) to allow time for them to review the new trove of Capitol and police surveillance video released by McCarthy’s office for exculpatory evidence could ‘derail dozens of trials that are set in the next few months.’  Boasberg implied the inconvenience the court will encounter having to wait to get the footage to defendants to review supersedes their Constitutional Right to a fair trial,” the report states.

Carpenter has been accused by federal prosecutors of non-violently shaking a musical instrument in the Capitol building, which they claim somehow amounts to criminal activity.

“The CCTV video of the Capitol Rotunda next shows the woman cross the room to an exit. Before exiting, however, the woman turns back to the room and raises here hands in the air. In her left hand, she holds a tambourine, which she shakes several times before turning back around and exiting the Rotunda,” the FBI alleges.

For allegedly committing the crime of playing musical instruments in the People’s House, the federal government conducted a raid on her New York City apartment with a battering ram, tanks, and even a helicopter. During the raid, the government seized her tamborine, her “Keep America Great” hat, and the clothes she wore that day.

In the emergency motion where Carpenter’s legal defense asked the court to give them time to review the new Capitol security footage, her lawyers wrote that “there remain temporal gaps in the footage thus far provided between the moments Ms. Carpenter is shown entering and exiting the Capitol.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) in February claimed that “all” January 6 detainees will be given access to over 41,000 hours of Capitol security footage, which may contain evidence that could exonerate them.

The Georgia Congresswoman and staunch ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made the claims after Axios reported that McCarthy gave Fox News host Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the footage.

“J6 video tapes will also be available for all J6 defendants. All 42,000+ hours. Thank you Speaker McCarthy,” Rep. Greene wrote.

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