Gov. Noem Shows Off Fiery New Christmas Gift – A Flamethrower!

Can you just picture AOC’s head exploding when she saw this tweet come across her newsfeed?

While some folks opened new shoes and new gaming systems for Christmas, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem got the MOAG (mother of all gifts) on December 25th: a flamethrower!

In a new video posted to Twitter, Noem is seen testing out her new flamethrower, which was gifted to her by her generous staff members.

Here is the viral video:

What an awesome way to start a fire! And you can forget about plowing snow! Who needs a shovel when you have a flamethrower that can melt ice in seconds??

This isn’t Noem’s first rodeo either. Back in 2020, the governor posted a photo of herself holding a flamethrower, just days before Christmas, with the caption, “Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list?”.

It appears her wish came true as her staff gifted her exactly what she asked for!

There is a mix of witty replied to her awesome video. Some people, like me, think it’s a spectacular gift.

One person wrote, “Just wondering if she could put the Omnibus bill in that pile?” Great question!

Another replied, referencing Senator Krysten Sinema, “Kristi just passed Kyrsten to number one on my hottest female politician in America. I am going to go have a drink and a quiet moment to let these urges subside.”

Twitter user Blake Campbell noted, “Just when I didn’t think I could like the South Dakota governor more she goes and pulls this stunt!”

And then of course there are the liberal crybabies, upset that she got a “weapon” for Christmas.

One naysayer called Noem a maniac for testing out her new gift, “Making America great again apparently involves acting like a maniac with a flamethrower.”

Another ignorantly wrote, “Because nothing says pro-life as much as celebrating the ability to kill with a flamethrower.”

Well, Shawn, she isn’t using a flamethrower to rip innocent babies from the womb….so that argument is invalid.

I wonder how long it will be until they start calling the device an “assault flame-thrower.”


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