Gaetz, Boebert Not Amused by Zelensky Congress Address

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Congress, and somehow convinced them that the $45 billion in aid reserved for Ukraine in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill is “not enough.”

“We are not in an easy situation. The enemy is increasing its army. Our people are braver and need more powerful weapons,” Zelensky said about the war between Ukraine and Russia. “We will pass it on from the boys to the Congress, to the president of the United States. We are grateful for their support, but it is not enough. It is a hint — it is not enough.”

He has already blown through $60 billion in American money, and now he wants more??

The ungrateful president also asked for long range missiles….nevermind the face that Ukraine already launched missiles into Poland last month, which they blamed on Russia.

As the majority of Congress appears to have fallen for his sob story, riding on the coattails of the Christmas spirit, Republican lawmakers Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, refused to buy into it.

As everyone around them stood to applaud Zelensky and his demands, the duo remained seated and unamused.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likened Zelensky’s speech to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s wartime address to Congress the day after Christmas in 1941.

Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “I thought it was extraordinary. It was, as others have said, rousing and inspiring. It also touched all the chords. It connected the struggle of Ukrainian people to our own revolution, to our own feelings that we want to be warm in our homes to celebrate Christmas and to get us to think about all the families in Ukraine that will be huddled in the cold and to know that they are on the front lines of freedom right now. They’re fighting. Their cause is our cause.”

This was historic. Some people have compared it to Winston Churchill, who came 81 years ago and basically asked that the United States continue to stand with them after we’d been attacked, and we did,” she added.


Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also compared Zelensky to Churchill in a letter she wrote to Congress.

She said, “I encourage you to read my letter of invitation to President Zelenskyy.  As the fight for freedom in Ukraine wages on, we look forward to hearing his inspiring message of courage, unity and determination.”

Pelosi wrote, “On a personal note: this is a moment fraught with meaning for me.  My father, Congressman Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., was a Member of the House in 1941 when Winston Churchill came to the Congress on the day after Christmas to enlist our nation’s support in the fight against tyranny in Europe. Eighty-one years later this week, it is particularly poignant for me to be present when another heroic leader addresses the Congress in a time of war – and with Democracy itself on the line.

She added, “I hope that you will be there to be a part of a very special evening, which will be etched into history as well as part of your legacy.”


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