Former Clinton Advisor Schoen Reveals ‘Biden’s Worst Nightmare Is Ron DeSantis’

“As a Democrat, my fear is DeSantis, not Trump.” -Doug Schoen

Are Democrats afraid of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis running for president? It’s sure starting to sound that way! Former President Donald Trump has a great fan base and did amazing things for our country, but DeSantis falls in line right behind him and is quickly gaining popularity.

The only real difference between the two is that the governor is “fresh” blood. Too many people have gotten a bad taste for Trump in their mouth due to the lies from the left, which would leave them more likely to vote for DeSantis as he is in line with their politics, but without the bad press.

On Wednesday, former Bill Clinton adviser Doug Schoen appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” and revealed that Governor DeSantis is President Joe Biden’s “worst nightmare” as a Republican opponent for the 2024 presidential race, adding that Trump’s popularity is “sinking.”

FNC anchor Martha MacCallum asked in reference to a new Suffolk University/USA TODAY national poll of registered voters, “In a head to head Biden 47, Trump 40, then against DeSantis, Biden loses 43 to 47. Doug, your take?”

Schoen replied, “Yeah, look, to put it bluntly, Trump is sinking, DeSantis is surging. Joe Biden’s worst nightmare is Ron DeSantis. He believes he can beat Donald Trump even with the very low approval ratings that Kellyanne rightly speaks of. There was no bump for the Democrats in the mid-term. It was a repudiation of Trump and Trump candidates.”

He continued, “I think DeSantis is ideally positioned. Now, we all know that frontrunners early on, particularly those that are untested, have a long way to go, and in a multi-candidate field, anything could happen. Right now, it’s fair to say that Ron DeSantis is the odds-on favorite to be the Republican nominee and potentially the next president of the United States.”

As a Democrat, my fear is DeSantis, not Trump,” Schoen added.

Who do you think would win the Republican presidential primaries if both Trump and DeSantis run? While I am an avid supporter of Donnie J, I think it would definitely be a tight race between the two.


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