FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Parental Advocates Headed to DC Seeking Restitution for Political Targeting

[Phoenix, AZ]—February 20, 2024 


FreedomTalk Founder Kelly John Walker, Mom Army & Dad Army Founder Seak Smith, Sherronna Bishop (aka “America’s Mom”), and others are headed to Washington, D.C. in March, 2024 to meet with multiple legislative teams to address the targeting of school parents as “domestic terrorists” by the NSBA, DOJ, and Biden administration. They will be joined by parents, civil rights attorneys, and even sympathetic members of law enforcement. 

Walker interviews Rep. Andy Ogles (TN) on FreedomTalk

“Since July, we have been providing members of Congress with detailed documentation of the targeting of school parents by the National School Board Association (NSBA), Attorney General Merrick Garland, and the Biden Administration, in anticipation of a congressional hearing,” says Walker.

“On behalf of families across the nation, we are seeking redress of grievances, accountability, formal apology, and restitution for actions 14 state attorneys general called a ‘massive fraud’ against the American people,” he adds. “We would like to see this go before the appropriate congressional committee for investigation.”

Congressman, Andy Ogles (TN) issued a statement that, “It has come to light, through diligent investigation by Chairman Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee, that the Biden Administration has used the instruments of federal power and combating terrorism as a sword against our citizens who dare to voice concerns at school board meetings.”

“It’s unconscionable. Whistleblowers have revealed that the FBI has gone so far as to tag these parents as potential threats. Let me be clear: being a concerned parent is not a crime, and speaking up for your child’s future is not an act of terrorism,” said Ogles, adding a call to “reign in federal bureaucracy and prevent the far Left from continuing to target people of faith, conscience, and conservative principles.”

Parents across the nation were targeted by their own government following a September 29, 2021 letter sent by the National School Board Association to Merrick Garland and Joe Biden. Garland responded with the now infamous October 4 memo devoting federal resources under the Patriot Act and a terrorist threat tag to pursue concerned parents as so-called domestic terrorists.

Seak Smith and Liz Nemecheck of Mom Army

“Unfortunately, the FBI is a corrupt institution,” Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ) added. “The FBI has turned into a domestic surveillance agency that attacks and monitors honest citizens and harasses people based on their politics. This cannot be allowed any longer. The Founders envisioned a republic where the rule of law and equal justice were pillars of our nation. Today, those pillars have been demolished and we are witnessing a post-Constitution America where the tactics of the Deep State thuggery are repeatedly used to intimidate, silence and destroy their political opposition.”

“When that memo came out, Mom Army had already been up and running,” Founder of Mom Army and Dad Army Seak Smith shared in a George Magazine article authored by Walker. “And we were floored—how was it possible in the United States of America that our government, the DOJ, is issuing this very harsh statement that parents are terrorists for going to school board meetings and speaking up against all these things we deem as attacks on our children? But I think the opposite happened. Instead of intimidating parents, I am seeing a rise of parents getting involved because they can no longer remain silent.”

A number of concerned parents have suffered arrest, fines, and even incarceration for exercising their First Amendment rights to question policies deeply affecting their children’s education, religious freedom, as well as mental and physical health, shares Walker.

January George Magazine article on the targeting of school parents.

Parents have reported that instead of giving answers to address their concerns, some school boards and administrators have had parents ‘trespassed’ and arrested. In lock step, federal, state, and local authorities have been caught monitoring, intimidating, and politically prosecuting parents.

Due to pressure from 14 state attorneys general and members of Congress including Jim Jordan and the Judiciary Special Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the U.S. Government, Garland and the NSBA were forced to walk back their egregious, inflammatory rhetoric.

“But you know what they didn’t do?” asserts Walker. “They didn’t stop persecuting parents and they haven’t apologized or made restitution to parents like me who were deliberately targeted and persecuted.”

“We’re going to Washington to make sure that happens.”

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