‘Feels A Lot Like A Childbirth’: NPR Radio Plays Real Abortion Audio

Taxpayer-funded NPR elected to play audio of a woman aborting her unborn child, allowing audiophile public radio listeners to hear and experience the sounds and and conversations that accompany an abortion.

In a disturbing audio clip of the broadcast that is roughly 2 minutes long and posted to social media, listeners hear the woman cry and moan as a vacuum-like device dismembers and sucks the child’s body from her own body. All the while, workers coach her through it.

The patient, an unnamed woman reportedly from Michigan, decided to terminate her child at about 11 weeks into her pregnancy, the narrating NPR journalist claims in the audio clip.

CAUTION: This audio may be disturbing to some readers.

“Most patients are partially awake during the procedures. They get IV medication for pain and anxiety. The lights are dimmed. There’s soothing music,” the journalist informs radio listeners.

Then, disturbingly, the journalist states that “it actually feels a lot like a childbirth.” Listeners then hear the abortionists instructing the would-be mother to “just keep breathing.”

“That’s Brandy, she’s one of the staffers,” the journalist says. “Her job is to monitor her vital signs, but it’s also to hold the patients hands and talk her through this. Whether it’s a birth or an abortion, it is often women guiding other women.”

A baby crying

A vacuum-like sound then appears, allowing readers to hear the child be killed as the woman cries and groans.

“Blow it out, blow it out, breathe” the abortionists instruct the woman. “Listen to me. If you blow it out. If you hold your breath it will make it harder for you.”

After the abortion takes place, the woman tells her abortionists “thank you guys so much.”

“You did great!” the abortionists excitedly yell. “You did just fine.”

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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