Ex-Newsmax Host Says Network Fired Him Because He Wouldn’t Attack Tucker Carlson

Former Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield revealed this week that the reason he was cut from the company’s primetime lineup this summer was because he refused to attack Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and blindly support Ukraine as required by company execs.

“Well, if you can believe it, they wanted me to go after Tucker Carlson to attack him,” Stinchfield said on the inaugural episode of his new podcast. “And I had a real hard time with this because to me, Tucker Carlson, I would say is number two to President Trump as the leader of the Republican Party.”

“Really, there’s not a politician, a Republican politician in America today that does not take a cue from Tucker Carlson over on Fox News. That’s just the reality of things,” Stinchfield said.

The former Newsmax personality continued, “Were there little things I could find to disagree with him on? Yeah. Conservatives don’t agree on everything, but by and large, I had always believed there is strength in numbers, and the fight that we are taking to the left, the fight to save America, especially now with President Trump gone, was far too important than to go after Tucker Carlson.”

“Him and I were fighting for the same thing,” Stinchfield said. “Yes, Fox News is our competitor. Yes, Fox News strayed from the conservative values that it was founded on. But Fox News wasn’t really the enemy. And honestly, Tucker Carlson isn’t the enemy either by far.”

“I don’t want to get hammered from the right. This wasn’t working. I told them it’s not working. So here’s what they did. They dispatched Dick Morris to come onto my program and attack Tucker Carlson,” Stinchfield noted, later adding, “He wanted to go after Tucker Carlson. He embraced that role. Fine. To me, it made my stomach churn. It made me literally sick to my stomach. Not a way you want to go to work every day. So there was the first thing that I was a thorn in the side of Newsmax leadership because I didn’t want to go down this role of attacking Tucker Carlson.”

Stinchfield also claimed that his quizzing of politicians on the show over where Ukrainian aid money would be allocated also ruffled the feathers of Newsmax brass, who informed him, “That is not the position of this network.”

According to Stinchfield, Newsmax then added liberal Greta Van Susteren  to the lineup and replaced his 8pm EST slot with former Fox employee Eric Bolling, who Stinchfield noted attacks Carlson “almost nightly.”

“I’m sure he’s making the Newsmax higher-ups very happy,” Stinchfield concluded.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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