Dr. Fauci Backpedals After CDC Admits They Botched COVID-19

The pandemic Doctor no one asked for, Dr. Anthony Fauci was a little overly excited about the CDC’s recent admission that they screwed up big time handling COVID-19.

According to Fauci, admitting there was a problem is half the battle and he says he now feels that the agency will do better.

I think Fauci was just happy the heat was on someone else for a change. That’s not the way he told it, of course.

“I think they should be commended in the fact, particularly Dr. Walensky, realizing and recognizing the shortcomings that have been there for quite a long time, long antedating Dr. Walensky’s tenure,” Fauci told Andrea Mitchell. “I think it was the stress and the challenge of a historic pandemic that brought some of those deficiencies into sharp relief. I believe we should commend them for realizing that, particularly Dr. Walensky.”

In a message to the entire CDC staff Wednesday, Walensky said the agency “did not reliably meet expectations” during the pandemic and made some “pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes.”

“I’m actually optimistic that given the fact that the problems have now been recognized, that there’s a pathway to making a very good organization much better,” Fauci went on to say.

“You’re not going to fix something unless you own it. As Dr. Walensky clearly stated, they made some mistakes, they’ve got to own it, and the only way to correct it is to realize that you have an issue.”


Walensky proposed a list of changes that includes de-emphasizing published research in the hiring and promotion process, publishing research faster without peer review to get new information to the public sooner, and restructuring the agency’s communications team.

The two also discussed how the boosters are not necessarily keeping up with all of the variants. Fauci seems to think that an updated booster shot will be more effective than the ones currently on the market. He slammed people for not wanting to take the new jabs.

One thing I think more people need to be talking about is that Fauci said the new Polio outbreak came from someone who was vaccinated and then carried the virus back into the public. Fauci said it was only possible because the person who received the vaccine, received a live virus version.

The topic was touched on but not discussed. I think it would be reasonable for a person receiving the Polio vaccine to ask their doctor if they are receiving the live virus version or the dead virus.

If they are receiving the live virus, it might be wise to talk to your doctor about switching or how you can prevent potentially spreading this should-be extinct illness.


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