Former American Idol Contestant Dead at 31 After ‘Apparent Heart Attack’

On Sunday, a beloved former American Idol contestant died suddenly after suffering an “apparent heart attack” at the young age of 31-years-old.

CJ Harris, who made it to American Idol’s top 6 in 2014, was rushed to the hospital after suffering from cardiac arrest in his hometown of Jasper, Alabama. He was later pronounced dead.

You may remember Harris for his rendition of the Allman Brothers Band’s Soulshine, as he made quite the impression on viewers and judges.

As Daily Mail reports:

The singer performed on the reality TV show in 2014, making it to the top six. He subsequently struck up a friendship with Darius Rucker who became his mentor.

Harris auditioned for The X-Factor and The Voice but was not successful so he turned his attention to American Idol where he made a big impression on the 13th season.

He auditioned first in Tuscaloosa then in Salt Lake City Utah in 2014.

Judge Keith Urban told CJ, ‘You sing ’cause you have to sing, not ’cause you want to sing. And, I mean that in the deepest way. And, that’s why it’s so believable and real.’

Then he sang Too Close, American Woman, and Free Fallin’.

He made it all the way to sixth place.

Another young, healthy person dead from a heart attack. Need I even suggest what the culprit could be?

As the author of Black Masculinity, Prince Carlton, wrote on Twitter, “All these young people dying of heart problems and we got grown ass adults acting like it isn’t the vaccine. The weirdos think the climate is doing this. RIP brother, society failed you.”

I am sure you have heard of the thousands of young, healthy athletes suffering from heart attacks and dying over the last several months. It’s not just athletes though. Young people all over the country are dropping dead from heart attacks, which is not normal in the slightest.

There is only one common denominator in cases: they received the covid-19 vaccine.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusion from there.

And if you need anymore convincing, head over to Twitter and search the phrase “died suddenly.” I think you will be shocked at the astounding number of results.


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