Study Guide: Building a Godly Foundation

Study Guide- Bonus Session

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Building a Godly Foundation

Now is an excellent time to begin a journal, as Kelly discussed in this session. Use these questions as a
prompt in your journal to begin to create a vision for your purpose as a Godly man, husband and father.

Assigned Reading:
Guidebook for a Son: Pgs. 6-21

1. Anthony said, “Don’t wait till you meet someone to try to become somebody worth marrying. Be
intentional and focused. Don’t leave it up to chance.” Do you have a plan for self-development? Write
down at least 3 goals for personal growth toward fatherhood.

2. How does keeping your cool and not being provoked demonstrate manly strength? What does it mean
to “maintain discipline?”

3. Who is like the “roof” of the house that is a family?
a. What areas are you a good roof?
b. What areas might you need to improve upon?

4. From the book: What is a total man? What can you do to become more of a total man? How can you
help your sons or young men you know in this endeavor?

Recommended Reading:
Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If.
Up From Slavery, Booker T. Washington