Study Guide: Reconciling Science & Religion

  • Assigned Reading: Guidebook for a Son, Pgs. 116-159, “Origins of the Universe”

What is your view on the age of the universe?

What were you taught about Genesis?

There are a number of theories about the meaning of Genesis and the age of the earth. Which makes the most sense to you and why?

How can “myth” be used as a vehicle for spiritual truth?

What are the limits of scientific language in expressing spiritual truth?


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Recommended Reading

The Meaning of Creation, Conrad Hyers

Seven Days That Divide the World, John Lennox

Is Atheism Dead, Eric Metaxas

The Rocks Don’t Lie, David R. Montgomery

Coming to Peace With Science, Darrel R. Falk

The Wonder of the World, Roy Abraham Varghese

Finding Darwin’s God, Kenneth R. Miller

Thank God for Evolution, Michael Dowd