Study Guide: True Strength and Self-Defense

  • Assigned Reading

    Guidebook for a Son, Pgs. 32-48, “Enemies”

Are you practicing awareness at all times? Are you teaching your children to stay alert? (Remind yourself daily, even if you use post-it notes!)

Do you carry a firearm? Are you trained to use it responsibly?

Are your kids learning self-defense? Sheriff Lamb and Kelly recommended judo, boxing, and Krav Maga as possible martial arts for your kids to study.

Do your kids know your contact information by memory?

Are you modeling meekness with your kids, ie. the ability to keep your power under control? How about when you’re driving, or when someone insults you?

Recommended Reading

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Tender Warrior, Stu Webber

Unleash the Warrior Within: Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals, Richard Mack Machowicz

The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay

Introduction to 5GW (The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare), Boone Cutler and General Mike Flynn