Clyburn Urges McCarthy to Team With Dems To Secure Majority Leadership Role

On Sunday, Democrat Representative James Clyburn appeared on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” and encouraged Republican leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy to form a deal with Democrats in order to get enough votes to become the Speaker of the House.

In other words, grovel like a dog and beg Democrats to vote for him.

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart began, “Let’s talk about the disunity on the other side of the aisle. Current house minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, he is working hard to scare off the 218 votes he’s going to need on January 3, when they have the vote for the new House speaker. Do you think he’ll be successful in his quest for the speaker’s gavel?”

Clyburn replied, “I think so. I don’t know so, but I think so. You know, he’s been there a long time. He’s been the leader for a long time. I think that he has those that allow him to put together the kind of deals that were necessary to get to 218. However, if there are seven or eight people who are not going to vote for him, I’d advise him to go and look on the other side of the aisle and see whether there are some deals over there to be made as well.”

Capehart asked, “That’s interesting. What kind of deals?

Clyburn answered, “We want to push an agenda that makes this country’s greatness accessible and affordable for all. I just talked about the South. I just talked about the parts of the South that can lift up so much of this. I think that we can sit down to get there, and we might be able to forge an agenda that would be acceptable to 218 people.”

His first words in that sentence were, “We want to push an agenda…” That is exactly what the radical left wants to do: push their racist, gun-grabbing, overspending, open-border, baby-killing, anti-Conservative agenda.

Clyburn is NOT McCarthy’s friend, despite the fact that he is appearing to offer an olive branch.

My mother always told us if we played with fire, we would get burned. McCarthy would be flirting with certain burning if he begged the Freedom Caucus for votes. At that point, he would be answerable to them for every single vote. The last thing we need is another Republican in a position of power who answers to Democrats. We already have enough RINOS (Republicans In Name Only).

McCarthy’s main running points for speaker are to “deliver on our commitment to America, hold this administration accountable,” and to “stop the Biden agenda.”

No wonder the Clyburn is quaking in his boots. He is pining over a deal across the aisle so that the damage is less severe for the left.

At this point we can only pray that McCarthy has not been swayed and will stand true to Conservative values…and as for the handful of Republican representatives who are still in the air about voting for him to be the speaker, let’s hope they pull their heads out of their behinds and do what is best for America.

The last thing we need is another Democrat getting their greedy hands wet with power in the House.


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