Chris Christie: ‘Boring Biden Didn’t Win, Trump Lost’ – ‘Can’t Win a General Election’

On Sunday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and claimed that “boring ” President Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election, but was rather handed the presidency because former President Donald Trump “lost.”

ABC host Jon Karl said, “You know, Governor, it’s hard to say stay the course when the answer for are you better off now for so many Americans is no.”

Christie replied, “If you listened to Secretary Buttigieg, you would have thought we were in the Eisenhower economy, for God’s sake. Here’s the problem. Politicians when they run for office, you don’t always win. Sometimes the other guy loses. Joe Biden’s president because Donald Trump lost. Joe Biden didn’t win, and Joe Biden’s never taken possession of that fact. So he continues to do what he did when he was running which he thinks was great, because I won. No, you didn’t win, Trump lost, and you can’t change who somebody is, Jon.”

He added, “In the end, Joe Biden is not an exciting candidate. He’s old, he’s boring and the American people are not relating to him and that’s why those numbers are the way they are. He was running against someone in 2020 who was so toxic that he won anyway.”

Check it out:

Christie also claimed that Trump is a “loser” who can’t win a general election, using the 2020 election to “prove” his statement. Despite the fact that there has been numerous pieces of evidence to come out, pointing towards a rigged election, ie the Twitter Files.

The former governor said, “I’ve said over and over that he can’t win a general election, and that’s not speculation. That’s based upon…what we saw actually happen in the 2020 election. And it’s only gotten worse since then.”



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