Chicago Woman Butchers Elderly Landlord, Stores Body In Freezer After Eviction Notice: Police

Police say that Sandra Kolalou murdered her elderly landlord, 69-year-old Frances Walker, then butchered her body and packed it into her freezer.

The motive for the crime, which has some remembering serial killer cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, was apparently an eviction notice Walker placed on Kolalou’s door.

Walker, who The Gateway Pundit describes as an active member of her church community who was apparently known for renting apartments to hard luck cases, was murdered last Monday afternoon.

Tenants apparently heard screaming and loud bangs coming from Kolalou’s apartment after seeing Walker enter. Several residents, worried about Walker’s safety, apparently texted and called the woman’s cell phone to determine if she was safe.

At this point, police say that Kolalou used Walker’s phone to communicate with her neighbors. She told them that Walker would no longer be seen in the building, and that any tenant issues, including move outs, would be handled by Kolalou. Later, at night, residents say they heard a scratching sound in the common area of the building.

Police quickly uncovered a grotesque scene upon arrival.

“In the first-floor kitchen freezer, police discovered the victim’s severed head, dismembered arms and dismembered legs,” said Assistant State Attorney Anne McCord Rodgers. “The victim’s torso has not been located at this time.”

However, when they arrived at the home, Kolalou was apparently heading out the door carrying black trash bags.

Police asked to inspect them, reported NBC Chicago, but did not immediately find anything suspicious. The alleged murderer was then allowed to leave the premises inside a tow truck, which she said had been summoned to take her to the location of her broken down vehicle.

In reality, police say, Kolalou asked the driver to bring her to the beach, where she dumped the trash bags containing bloody rags. She then demanded the driver take her to several different auto shops, and at some point allegedly pulled a knife on the driver.

Ultimately, Kolalou paid the driver with a credit card taken from Walker’s body.

Kolalou entered a not guilty plea during her first appearance, and is due back in court on October 31.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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