2023 Job Performance: Arizona Republican US Congressmen, Pt. 1

How do the Grand Canyon State’s legislators stack up? America is in an existential fight for survival, and the 2024 election will determine the fate of the greatest republic in history. “We are morally obligated to evaluate the conduct of our rulers.” John Locke English philosopher John Locke (1632-1704), whose ideas heavily influenced America’s Founders, […]

The Art of Defiance Pt. 1: No Obligation to Obey

Listen to the Article When the Government Rebels Against the People, Natural Law Reigns Supreme. America has careened away from the Rule of Law and skidded into the chaos of Rule by Law (and that one little word change makes all the difference). The government has weaponized against the People, and justice lies bleeding in the streets. Just look at the […]

The Art of Defiance Part 2: It is Time to Rise Up.

When is it time to rebel against a corrupt tyrannical government? (now.) It is manifestly obvious that our own legal system is being used as a weapon against the People of the United States; a two-tiered “injustice system” is engaged in egregious abuse of power. Blatant political persecution—arresting and jailing the opposition—previously unthinkable in our […]

Indivisible: Why separating blue & red states would be a colossal mistake

  China and the Globalists would love for the showdown between Texas—and the 25 additional states supporting her—and the federal regime to shatter the Union. In “Orchestrated Invasion,” I revealed the CCP’s use of “out of control immigration” as a war stratagem designed to cripple the USA. Certainly, turning us into the “DSA” (Divided States […]

Guest Post by John Dyslin: Kelly Walker, Hero in Defending our Children

Greetings fellow Nehemiah warriors! Happy new year and I pray yours is off to a strong start as we strive to “be strong and do exploits” against the flood of evil in our midst (Isaiah 59). I recently interviewed with a solid man and fellow soldier in this fight, Kelly Walker. You can see his […]

What’s the Greatest Threat to America? Just Ask Wengui Guo/Miles Guo

An old white millionaire stood before a group last weekend and claimed white supremacy as the “most dangerous terrorist threat” to the nation during a graduation address at Howard University. “Stand up against the poison,” said Joe Biden. “White supremacy…is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.” This is utter demagoguery and nonsense. […]

They’re Going to Kill Him! The Shocking TRUE Story Behind the Jason Aldean Video

“Ella, I hate this! They are going to mob this boy they brought in…Go and tell the boy to pray, because they’re going to kill him.” Watch the corresponding CounterCulture episode: https://rumble.com/v34rf6w-theyre-going-to-kill-him-the-story-behind-aldeans-song.html These chilling words bring us back to 1927 in Columbia, Tennessee at the Maury County Courthouse—the location of the controversial 2023 video for Jason Aldean’s song, […]

Documents Reveal Obama-Biden Team Sought to Sabotage Incoming Trump Administration

Confirmed: The Obama administration actively attempted to sabotage President Donald Trump’s incoming administration in 2016. Newly released documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, provide evidence that members of the Obama Administration targeted individuals such as General Flynn through a process known as unmasking. The documents are heavily redacted, however, they show […]

Ray Epps To Be Criminally Charged For Events On January 6, His Attorney Says

It seems odd that on the same day,  Chris Wray was ripped for not arresting Ray Epps and that Epps’ lawyer says he has been informed that charges will soon be lodged against his client. Will he be thrown in jail or will he receive the Hunter Biden treatment? I wouldn’t touch that bet either […]