American Gulag: Families Counter DOJ Cruelty With Love

In this deeply divided, often cynical time, hearing a positive story is like a balm to the soul. Rare accounts of kindness and sacrificial love push through the hardness of the partisan pavement and hope blooms in spite of it all. History has been a struggle of the individual against the abuse of the collective.  […]

How Conservative is Gen-Z? A High School Athlete Speaks Out

Being loud, drawing attention to oneself, or just censoring others doesn’t make a group the majority. If you wanted a spitting image of that you would get the liberals of Gen-Z. “What is a liberal or a leftist?” you may ask. Well, the real answer to that is a person who is against America being […]

Is Arizona Congressman Juan Ciscomani a Democrat?

2023 Job Performance: Arizona Republican US Congressmen, Pt. 2 In Part 1 of this series, we compared the performance of Arizona’s six Republican members of Congress. We unpacked their votes regarding the expulsion of representative George Santos from the US House, along with Rep. Thomas Massie’s amendment that would express the sense of Congress that […]

How Will DOJ’s Targeting of School Parents Influence the ‘24 Elections?

An internal FBI memo sent shock waves across the nation when the public learned that the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division had created a “threat tag” to assess and track school parents.  On September 29, 2021 the National School Boards Association (NBSA) sent a letter to the Biden administration comparing parents protesting public school COVID-19 policies, critical […]

The Art of Defiance Pt. 1: No Obligation to Obey

Listen to the Article When the Government Rebels Against the People, Natural Law Reigns Supreme. America has careened away from the Rule of Law and skidded into the chaos of Rule by Law (and that one little word change makes all the difference). The government has weaponized against the People, and justice lies bleeding in the streets. Just look at the […]

The Art of Defiance Part 2: It is Time to Rise Up.

When is it time to rebel against a corrupt tyrannical government? (now.) It is manifestly obvious that our own legal system is being used as a weapon against the People of the United States; a two-tiered “injustice system” is engaged in egregious abuse of power. Blatant political persecution—arresting and jailing the opposition—previously unthinkable in our […]

Documents Reveal Obama-Biden Team Sought to Sabotage Incoming Trump Administration

Confirmed: The Obama administration actively attempted to sabotage President Donald Trump’s incoming administration in 2016. Newly released documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, provide evidence that members of the Obama Administration targeted individuals such as General Flynn through a process known as unmasking. The documents are heavily redacted, however, they show […]

McEnany Fires Back After Trump Audio Leaked To CNN

This latest recording of former President Donald Trump is yet another example of the federal government’s lack of accountability and credibility, according to former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. During an interview on Fox News with host Sean Hannity, McEnany discussed the recently released audio obtained by CNN which contains a conversation involving President […]