Busted! Bill Clinton Caught Napping at NFL Game in New Viral Video

Slick Willy was caught sleeping at the Eagles vs. Giants game on Sunday.

As the Philadelphia Eagles spanked the New York Giants 48-22, former President Bill Clinton was caught on camera catching some Zzz’s.

Daniel Price posted to Twitter, “Bill Clinton was at the Eagles/Giants game yesterday at MetLife and apparently fell asleep lmfao.”

Check it out:

One user replied, “Probably needed a break from Mrs cabbage pants,” referencing the infamous pantsuit wearing, failed presidential candidate, former Secretary of State, and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Another person also referenced horrible Hillary, stating that it is “probably the best sleep he’s had in years living with you know who.”

Tim Starsia pointed out that Clinton was able to stay awake and chipper at the Ariana Grande concert, sharing a photo of the former president grinning from ear to ear.

To be fair though, as Steve Guest noted, “Clinton also fell asleep during his wife’s acceptance speech during the 2016 Democrat Convention.”

Rev E Jones shared a photo of Monica Lewinsky, the woman that Clinton had an affair with while in the White House, with the caption that reads, “I know what he’s thinking about.”

Whew, shots fired!!

Clinton is at least relieved of his duties as he naps. The same cannot be said for President Joe Biden who is regularly caught sailing off to the sandman’s island.

Here’s a clip of Biden taking a nap during the Climate Summit last year:

Here is another of him falling asleep earlier this year at the Arab Conference:

Andddd again just two months ago, this time during an interview:

They don’t call him “sleepy Joe” for nothing!


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