BREAKING: January 6 Committee Votes To Subpoena President Trump

On the final day of its made-for-TV hearings, the House January 6 committee voted unanimously to subpoena 45th President Donald Trump to testify before the legislators.

The House January 6 Committee indicated it would take the vote earlier today, and outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney – who was fired by her voters only months ago – confirmed the plan during the television broadcast. Her fellow outgoing congressman, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, celebrated the news on Twitter.

“We just voted unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump,” wrote the anti-Trump Republican, who reportedly plans to retire from elected office and work as a lobbyist. “Democracy demands it.”

“It is our obligation to seek Donald Trump’s testimony,” said committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson before the vote.

Cheney appeared to accuse Trump of organizing the January 6 protests, calling him the “central player” of the day’s events.

While such a remark may raise eyebrows, CNBC notes that it came after Thompson “clarified in his opening statement that Thursday’s presentation is technically not a hearing, but a “formal committee business meeting” that happened to be broadcast on television.

The committee, whose members are all partisan anti-Trump members of Congress, have repeatedly been accused of using taxpayer dollars to create what amounts to propaganda against the former president.

This latest move may strike voters as a nakedly political attempt to force Americans to relive the drama of January 6 only weeks and days before the next election, a move Beltway pollsters have previously said should help solidify Democrats’ support.

The party now needs that support more than ever as they suffer from Joe Biden’s immense unpopularity, and a lackluster field of candidates in key Senate races.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated with additional information as it becomes available. Check back for updates.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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