Bill Maher Scorches ‘Woke’ Liberals: ‘THEY PISS ME OFF SO MUCH’

Comedian Bill Maher has gone from never-Trumper to red-pilled in 2022. What a wild year!!

During the latest episode of his podcast “Club Random,” Maher told his guest, billionaire Mark Cuban, that liberalism has mixed with woke culture when they are absolutely not the same thing.

“I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not in San Francisco,” Cuban began, talking about the arrogance of tech culture in California.

Maher replied in agreeance and added, “The woke will cast this to some sort of two conservatives. No, we’re not conservatives. We’re not conservative…. You guys don’t get it. Woke and liberal are two different things.”

“They’re very often the f—ing opposite of each other… Freedom should be a liberal thing,” he explained, sensing the backlash he would receive. “All my friends, at least the ones like on the coasts who are like our age… they all b—h endlessly about their f—ing woke kids.”

Maher said, “Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who are voting for Trump.”

“I’m a basic liberal, but they piss me off so much when they cop this attitude. Just don’t gaslight me,” he added. “Don’t pretend. Don’t say things like ‘Racism has never been worse.’ Plainly, that’s not true.”

I’ve never been a guy who could play along with bulls—, whether it’s from the left or the right,” Maher concluded.


Maher also touched on the subject of vaccines and was, once again, using the voice of reason.

He said, “Lots of people were saved by the vaccine and needed the vaccine and some people didn’t need it and don’t want to be told what to do.”


In years past, I could not stand Maher. However, as Democrats continue to push further and further left, Maher seems to be toeing the line of Independent, rather than Democrat.


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