Biden Urges Americans To Receive ‘One COVID Shot Each Year’ As He Preps For 5th Jab

Joe Biden took to media to urge Americans to receive all five COVID-19 vaccines, with an additional injection once per year.

“One COVID shot each year will be all they need, and if you get it, you’re protected, and if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people unnecessarily at risk,” Biden said on Tuesday. “The shot is free, it’s widely available, and conveniently located just in time for the holiday season.”

Biden plans to get his fifth “updated” COVID-19 jab after having already caught the virus twice earlier this year in just one month.

Even after he told the American people that the “pandemic is over” on 60 minutes with Scott Pelley at the Detroit Auto Show in September, Biden now claims that the virus is still considered to be a “global health emergency” as his administration pushes for Congress to pass more coronavirus funding.

“Some of our friends in Congress say we don’t need COVID funding, or they say that there’s no reason that the government should be paying for it,” Biden said before whispering, “I strongly disagree. Strongly disagree. This is a global health emergency. If we really want to put COVID behind us, we have to keep up the fight together.”

Biden then urged “fully vaccinated” individuals to receive the latest fifth “updated” version of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the president did not distinguish what “fully vaccinated” even really means anymore, with regards Americans who elected to be injected with the first two, third, and fourth shots.

He added that such individuals should get the controversial injections at least once per year and claimed that “almost everyone who will die from COVID this year will not be up to date on their shots.”

“If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot. Once a year. That’s it,” Biden said.

This comes after the New York Supreme Court on Monday reinstated all employees who previously lost their jobs for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The court ordered that the employees are also “entitled to back pay in salary from the date of termination”and affirmed that their rights had been violated after the city imposed harsh vaccine mandates earlier this year, Valiant News reported.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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