Biden Brags He Spent ‘A Billion A Trillion 750 Million Dollars Billion Dollars’ On Climate Change

During an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper last night, Joe Biden claimed to have passed a bill that will allow for an indescribable amount of money be invested towards fighting climate change.

“We passed the-look. What I ran on I said we’re gonna deal with energy. And-and the energy problem. We’re gonna deal with the whole notion of global warming,” Biden explained to Tapper.

“We passed 368 billion dollars worth of s-help, which as the same bankers talk about it’s gonna bring a billion a trillion 750 million dollars billion dollars off the sidelines of investment,” claimed the president.

When asked by Tapper about Democrats who are concerned about the fact that he’s nearly 80 years old and seek a different person to run for president in 2024, Biden proceeded to claim that he has gotten more “done” in two years than any president in “recent history.”

“Voters have been watching you. Democratic voters approve of the job you’re doing. Democratic voters overwhelmingly like you. Um, but one poll shows that almost two thirds of Democratic voters want a new nominee in 2024, and the top reason they gave was your age,” Tapper told Biden.

“So what’s your message to Democrats who like you, who like what you’ve done, but are concerned about your age and the demands of the job?” asked Tapper.

“Well, they’re concerned about whether or not I can get anything done, look what I’ve gotten done. Name a president in recent history that has gotten as much done as I have in the first two years. Not a joke. You may not like what I’ve got done but the vast majority of the American people like what I’ve gotten done,” Biden claimed.

“And so, I just, it’s-it’s a matter of can you do the job. And I believe I can do the job, I’ve been able to do the job, I’ve gotten more done, I’ve gotten the Inflation Reducti-I got all these pieces of legislation passed. And I ran on that. I said this is what I was going to do,” he continued.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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