BIDEN: ‘Biden’s Being a Pup, a Puck, a Cuppa, Biden’s Being an Extremist’

President Joe Biden’s speech processing abilities malfunctioned on Wednesday while delivering remarks at a White House press briefing, stumbling his way through various unintelligible words before declaring “Biden’s being an extremist.”

It is unclear what the President of the United States what referring in the bungled sentence, as he stammered, “Biden’s being a pup-, a puck-, a cuppa-, [sic] Biden’s being an extremist.”


Twitter didn’t disappoint:

The garbled gaffe was described as a “meltdown” by many critics, following on the heels of his declaration that he will do “nothing” to reverse any of the highly unpopular policies of his administration.

During the same briefing, Biden doubled down on antagonizing the majority of Americans who believe the country is heading in the “wrong direction” under his administration’s watch, confirming he will do “nothing” to address the concerns of those who are worried about his administration’s performance thus far.

“You mentioned that Americans are frustrated, and in, fact, 75% of voters say that the country is heading in the wrong direction despite the results of last night,” a reporter asked Biden on Wednesday.

What in the next 2 years do you intend to do differently to change people’s opinion of the direction of the country, particularly as you contemplate a run for president in 2024?” Biden was then asked.

“Nothing, because they’re just finding out what we’re doing,” Biden replied immediately.

While delivering a speech on Sunday, Biden counted out an irregular series of numbers, reciting “Ten, twelve, fifteen -” before he lost his balance and started careening forward down the stage.

“Whoops! Steppin’ on ’em,” Biden cried out, finally regaining his balance before mumbling, “That’s black, anyway.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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