Asbury Revival Fake? Student Says ‘Queer Students Have Led Worship All 8 Days’

As you may have heard, there has been an 11 day revival at Asbury University in Louisville, Kentucky. As a Christian, that sounds great right? Young people on fire for God? It gives me chills to think about big tent revivals happening like they did when I was a child.

Yet, the Asbury revival did not give me chills. It gave me an uneasy feeling. Something felt off, but I didn’t know what. For a while, I felt almost guilty for being skeptical. Why was I not happier about people worshipping God for days on end?

Then it came out, little by little: the truth.

It turns out that the worship has been led by LGBTQ students.

Despite the reports of “revival fire,” the whole thing was being led by homosexuals, and affirming homosexuality within the church. This wasn’t a revival fire. This was more of a “false fire” because a true revival would see them repenting for their sins. Not leading worship while still actively engaging in a life of sin.

An Asbury student named ‘Elijah’ tweeted in glee that his (her?) friends were the ones leading revival, and described them as “poc, women, and queer students.”

Elijah wrote, “Day 8 and my seminary friends are still leading worship. Did you know poc, women, and queer students have been leading worship all 8 days? Both student bodies have lended themselves into being us towards the throne of God.”

A follow-up tweet read, “I [don’t know] why y’all are so surprised that students at both institutions experience same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria and may identify under the queer umbrella.”

Well for starters, I think people are shocked that a “revival” is being led by people living a homosexual lifestyle, and other “christians” trying to justify it.

God is merciful and loving. Of course he loves every single one of them. However, while they are actively living in sin and not repenting, their worship is falling on deaf ears.

One so-called progressive Evangelical leader stated that he’s spoken with multiple queers at Asbury and that they are hopeful that this “revival” is “moving the school in a more queer-affirming direction.”

Worship recording artist Sean Feucht replied, “This ‘leader’ is funny. True revival is people getting convicted of sin, not comfortable in it.”

It is a dangerous thing to “normalize” sin and make people think that they can continue to live their life however they want and still think that they are saved. It doesn’t work that way.

I truly hope this revival takes a turn and they feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to change their ways. Imagine the testimony!


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