‘Agenda 47’: Trump Outlines Energy Policies In Latest 2024 Campaign Video

45th President Donald Trump this week released a new 2024 presidential campaign video outlining what his administration would do to revitalize American energy independence.

Upon returning to the Oval Office, the former President vowed to lift Biden administration-era regulations which have crippled the energy industry and plunged the nation into financial crisis.

“I will deploy a team of warrior lawyers to hunt down every unnecessary regulation in the federal registry that hampers domestic production and we will wipe them off the books,” Trump said.

President Trump also stated his intention to once again leave the Paris Climate Accords and kickstart domestic energy infrastructure ventures that will cut costs and create vast job opportunities.

Watch President Trump’s speech on Spreely.video:

“We will again get out of Paris and we will rapidly issue approvals for all worthy energy infrastructure projects with a focus on maximum speed to bring prices down rapidly,” said Trump. “So get those proposals ready now, because we are going to put thousands of Americans to work, building the power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries and shipping terminals of tomorrow.”

“Instead of being irrationally terrified by political predictions of climate apocalypse, instead of toiling for low wages or left-wing make-work projects, I have a vision that will give young Americans a chance to find real meaning in work once again… building the backbone of America that is powerful, prosperous, productive, vigorous, modern, independent, and free,” President Trump declared.

The 45th President and Republican 2024 Presidential front runner slammed the Biden administration for cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and surrendering U.S. energy independence through green energy regulations, dubbing the current policy an “anti-American energy crusade.”

“[Joe Biden] canceled the keystone XL pipeline, he reentered the horrendous Paris Climate Accords – so unfair to the United States, good for other countries, so bad for us. He put up huge road blocks to new oil, gas, and coal production and much, much more,” Trump said.

“In effect, Biden’s anti-American energy crusade is a massive tax hike on everything. Higher energy costs raise the price of food, raw materials, shipping, transportation, construction, manufacturing, and everything else,” said President Trump.

The former President emphasized that China benefits from the current energy crisis in America, noting that they consistently fail to adhere to the “globalist” climate deals that they sign on to.

“High energy prices in America are a gift to China, a major factor in driving our heavy industry oversees. If you want to be an advanced manufacturing nation, you must be able to produce low-cost energy,” said President Trump.

“You’ll never be a rich nation without it and if you want to deindustrialize the United States, then you would seek to drive up the cost of energy here as much as possible just as Joe Biden has done, perhaps unknowingly, that I don’t know. That’s why Biden’s energy agenda is China’ s energy agenda. That’s why China signs up for every stupid globalist climate deal and then immediately breaks it. They don’t live up to their deals”

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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