When the Iowa Mama Bears Roared!

When Emily Peterson’s daughter was abused by the schools’ mandatory mask policy, this Iowa Mama Bear began to speak before the school board every board meeting, helping spark a movement that resulted not only Iowa passing a law that all public schools k-12 cannot mandate masks, but moms and dads all over this country rising up for their children!

General Flynn, along with founder of Moms for America Kimberly Fletcher, awarded the first Fearless Fighters for American Values Award to Emily on stage in Tampa, FL.

Emily is living testimony that local action has a national impact after getting all six seats flipped for freedom candidates to replace marxist/communists in her city. In Ankeny through her group’s actions, together as a community they replaced their mayor, 2 city council members and all 3 school board members!

Watch Emily’s story here on FreedomTalk!


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