Tips for Fathers from a Successful Financial Advisor

Joseph Lombardi joined FreedomTalk’s “Fathering in a World Gone Mad” series to share wisdom and experience regarding finances that you can share with your kids.

Joseph became a financial services professional because of his personal experience. His father, a prominent construction owner lost a 15 million dollar company because of an accident, which resulted in disability and devastating financial ramifications. Because of this, Joseph educates the contracting market on asset protection and preservation. More specifically, he guides his clients through protecting their income with disability income insurance and long-term care insurance. He also helps small business owners and young families achieve long-term growth using life insurance and various investment vehicles.

Joseph partners with individuals and small business owners to leverage insurances and buy/sell agreements to protect assets. Through the analysis of insurance and investment fees, Joseph can help lower costs while maintaining benefits. Often, his clients have the right idea but need his expertise to execute their plans to generate increased income and create savings.

Joseph has an expansive network of trusted alliances with banks, law firms, and accounting firms throughout the Northeast. These collaborations help provide clients with access to resources that may not otherwise be available.

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