Sharleta Bassett for Senate (She’s Awesome!)

Diane Feinstein’s Senate seat is up for grabs, and Sharleta Bassett—a California grandmother—is running against contenders including Adam Schiff. As a wife, mother, and daycare owner, Sharleta Bassett never imagined she would someday become town Mayor. Due to her efforts to keep her streets safe for children, she was appointed to fill a vacancy on her City Council, and later asked to serve as Mayor pro tem. After earning a reputation for honesty and agenda-free administration, Sharleta was elected to City Council in a 77% landslide and was again chosen as Mayor of Biggs, California. A skilled negotiator and mediator, her motto is, “find a need and meet it; find a hurt and heal it.” Sharleta has 8 grown children and 18 grandchildren and works as a public relations manager for her husband’s manufacturing business. Find out more at

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