Sam Sorbo: Free Your Kids

Education Freedom Advocate, author, filmmaker, actress, Sam Sorbo talks with Kelly John Walker about the state of education and what parents can do to liberate, protect, and educate their kids.

Sam Sorbo studied biomedical engineering at Duke University before pursuing a career as an international fashion model and Hollywood actress. On set in New Zealand, she met and eventually married “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo. Sam temporarily stepped back from her professional career to immerse herself in home educating the three Sorbo children for well over a decade, developing her strong views on modern schooling through research, experience, and hosting a nationally syndicated radio show three hours weekdays for four years. Now an award- winning film and TV actress, writer, and producer; prolific, best-selling author; successful TV, radio and podcast host; and well-known keynote speaker; Sam frequently offers commentary on politics, religion, culture and modern schooling. Her mission is to help parents and their children emancipate from our modern school system. Sam is dedicated to encouraging parents to reevaluate their views on schooling, recognize the defects of and damage wrought by our modern system, and implement a freedom mindset for teaching their children. Her motto is happier parents and smarter kids for stronger families.

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