OORAH! The Marine Rapper with Nick Nittoli & Friends Pt. 1


Raymond “The Marine Rapper” Lott (TMR) joins Nick and Kelly to talk about his prolific music, bid for a world record, and of course how he’s contributing to the anti-woke, pro-American CounterCulture! Check out “Warrior’s Anthem” now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify. This energetic tour de force features Nick Nittoli’s song “Oorah!” TMR served 10 years as a combat correspondent and served with infantry battalions during his deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. He earned a combat action ribbon in Iraq and received an award for combat photography during the same firefight. Like ♥️ Comment 💯Share 🤝 Access more FreedomTalkTV episodes, Podcast, Substack, Socials at https://linktr.ee/RealFreedomTalk

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