On the Front Line with Bryce Eddy

Bryce Eddy and Kelly John Walker talk Masculinity, fighting, raising confident kids and more.

Bryce is an entrepreneur and business man who’s spent more than 25 years in the Risk Management, Insurance and Security Industries.

Bryce has spent a lifetime in martial arts and holds a black belt under the legendary Jean Jacques Machado and owns 805 Combat Sports in Southern California.

Bryce serves as a consultant for private security firms and partners with Law Enforcement Agencies to train individuals, veterans and LEO for work in the world of Safety & Security. He also sits on the board of one of the country’s most prominent conservative political organizations and hosts a show on the Salem Podcast Network.

Bryce is featured in the ‘Border Battle’ docuseries and was embedded with the sheriffs department for several operations during filming. He can speak directly to what they witnessed; including mass border crossings, Cartel Forward Operating Bases on US soil and human trafficking.



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