Fathers are Key in 2024: Kelly John Walker’s Fathering Course

To survive and thrive, we must rebuild America from the inside-out, reversing the damage the Marxists have done to our culture. Their #1 target has been the family.

Our Judeo-Christian values are the culmination of thousands of years of human growth and development: philosophically, legally, economically, morally. Sartre, Camus, and even Nietzsche lamented the erosion of this foundation—the “death of God.”

God is not dead; He lives in us, if we respond to His call.

But politics, boycotts and legislation alone aren’t going to undo the work of communism. The best weapon we have is to rebuild the family and teach men to be men again. Families led by strong men are Marxism’s kryptonite.

Perhaps I tilt at windmills—the outcome of the Culture War is uncertain—but I see giants. And giants can fall. Join me and these great men and let’s start gathering stones: Victor Marx, Eric Metaxas, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Dave Scarlett, Stephen Davis, Anthony Watson, Teddy Roosevelt, Clay Clark, Kelly Walker.

Visit RealFreedomTalk.com or go to TinyURL.com/FTFathers and become the FATHER your family—and our country—need you to be!

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