Selected Published Works

The Epoch Times: Can Organic Farming Feed the World?

George Magazine “How Will Targeting of School Parent Affect the ’24 Elections?”

NewsMax: Trustless Trustee: Weaponization of the DOJ by the Chinese Communist Party

Gateway Pundit: The DOJ is Helping the CCP Persecute Their Opposition: Falun Gong, Guo Wengui, Others

Gateway Pundit: Exculpatory Evidence: Is Miles Guo Being Denied Due Process? Orchestrated Invasion: The CCP’s Border War and the Global Agenda The Noble Lie—The Illusion of Leftist Morality

Billings Report: CCP Police Station Bust

Show Appearances

Epoch Times Crossroads: Fertilizer Policies Could Lead to a Second Dust Bowl

NTD News: Finding Alternatives to PFAS is Very Important

Lindell TV: How Can Dads Save Their Kids from a Wicked Culture?

The Eric Metaxas Show: Kelly Walker on His Fight for Children and the Government Targeting of School Parents

The Eric Metaxas Show: Kelly Walker with and Update on His Fight for Freedom

The Washington Times, Bold and Blunt: Remembering our Roots, Reclaiming our Rights

Conservative Daily: Origins of FreedomTalk

His Glory: Fathering in a World Gone Mad

Inside the Square: With Guest Kelly Walker

Are You Listening: With Kelly Walker

Joe Parents Under Attack by Biden Regime

America’s Mom Joined By Kelly Walker: 

The Unjected Show:

Articles About FreedomTalk/Kelly John Walker

Law Enforcement Today: Defending the First Amendment: Arizona dad stood up to county supervisors and local school board

AZ Sun Times: “Arizona Father of Five Arrested Twice for Protesting COVID-19 Restrictions Continues His Efforts to Protect Children”


Kelly Walker Resume 10.26.23