Are Congressional Investigators Letting China Win?

Congress Needs to Up its Game to Beat Communist China

We know the Chinese Communist Party’s game plan. So why isn’t Congress taking control of the field?

We have the CCP’s playbook: Unlimited Warfare, a book written by two People’s Republic of China (PRC) colonels.

The CCP uses American law as a weapon of war to immobilize their enemies, while having no regard themselves for the rule of law.

In it, Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui discuss “a number of means and methods used to fight a non-military war,” including, “psychological warfare (manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along),” and “international law warfare.”

The CCP uses American law as a weapon of war to immobilize their enemies, while having no regard themselves for the rule of law. Speaking of their infiltrators and allies embedded in America’s justice system, they say “international law, national law, behavioral norms, and ethical principles, have absolutely no restraining effects on them. They are not responsible to anyone, nor limited by any rules, and there is no disgrace when it comes to the selection of targets, nor are there any means which are not used.”

The CCP could target anyone standing in their way, utterly without scruple, while hypocritically holding their targets hostage through manipulation of American law. “Owing to the surreptitious nature of their movements, they have very strong concealment, create widespread damage…All of this is also broadcast through real-time via continuous coverage by the modern media…however, the destruction and injuries encountered by the international community are in no way less than those of a military war.”

Why is Congress allowing the CCP to move the ball down the field through lawfare?

If Congress addresses the CCP’s malign influence within our federal government, the 118th Congress can put America in a much more strategically dominant position to address the full spectrum of other threats posed by the CCP, such as the fentanyl crisis, and save millions of American lives.

Why, then, is Congress allowing our enemy to continue moving the ball down the field with one of the most powerful Fifth-Generation Warfare strategies of all time: Lawfare?

This is more than a game—it’s war—and right now, China is winning.

Even as you read, Miles Guo, one of America’s greatest allies in the war against Communist China, is being held in prison without bail under false charges—we know they are false because the CCP has been telegraphing their plays for years. Our seemingly bipolar DOJ had already identified and convicted several key players working to carry out the CCP’s agenda in the case of Guo Wengui (aka Miles Guo), who is a treasure trove of anti-CCP information. The following are just a handful of the CCP’s plays we already know about:

  • In November 2018, DOJ Senior Congressional Affairs Specialist, George Higginbotham pleaded guilty to his involvement in a multi-million dollar bribery scheme financed by CCP-linked Jho Low to influence high-level officials to remove Guo back to China. Higginbotham admitted traveling to China to meet with the Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security and traveling to the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. to meet with the Chinese Ambassador in 2017 to further Guo’s removal to China.
  • In October 2020Elliot Broidy, former Finance Chairman of the RNC and a co-conspirator of Higginbotham, pleaded guilty to acting as an unregistered foreign agent of China.
  • In January 2021, Nickie Lum Davis, Hawaiian Businesswomen and co-conspirator of Broidy, was sentenced to two years in prison for her involvement in the 2017 scheme to remove Mr. Guo.
  • In May 2022, the DOJ sued casino tycoon Steve Wynn for acting as an unregistered foreign agent of China due to his attempt to force Guo’s return to China under the threat of losing his gambling license in Macau.
  • Last month, Grammy-winning hip-hop star Pras Michel was found guilty of 10 counts related to what prosecutors called a “clandestine foreign influence campaign scheme” funded by a wealthy Malaysian financier Jho Low to peddle influence in the United States. These two, in concert with Broidy, Higginbotham, and Nickie Lum Davis waged, according to the indictment, “an illegal, back-channel lobbying campaign to…convince the administration and DOJ to send a high-profile dissident of the PRC living in the United States [Guo] back to the PRC.”

Although many individuals involved in the 2017 scheme were caught and charged, other American proxies such as Barry OstragerLuc Despins, and other CCP agents hidden within our justice system not yet identified continue to work for the CCP to persecute Chinese dissidents and undermine our Rule of Law.

While many good people within the DOJ, FBI, SEC, and other institutions exist, the CCP’s unrestricted lawfare has infiltrated these agencies for decades and has led to these agencies now serving the interest of Xi over that of the American people.

The CCP is so brazen in their latest attempts to take down Guo in plain sight that China Daily, the mouthpiece of the CCP, lauds the DOJ’s thuggery as if Mr. Guo is already guilty…and the actual trial would just be going through the motions. The article ends with the mysterious postscript, “agencies contributed to this story.”

Whose side is SDNY on, anyway? China or the U.S.?

Considering that SDNY DOJ prosecutors in March admitted to “working a lot with China,” on the Guo arrest and prosecution, it’s not difficult to connect the dots. (Hint: China and the SDNY/DOJ just outed one another.)

CCP agents arrested for running a PRC police station in New York were let out on bail by the SDNY. What?!

Last Thursday, SDNY federal judge, Analisa Torres, rejected a $25 million bail package and ordered Guo to remain in jail, pending trial, saying that “the US Justice Department’s evidence against him was strong.”

Wait just a minute…isn’t the weight of the evidence for the JURY to decide? The ONLY legal justifications for detaining someone without bail are defined in H.R.5865 signed by the 98th Congress, “Upon finding that no condition will reasonably assure such person’s appearance and the safety of any other person and the community.

But we see that Judge Torres knows how to play the game: “The Court finds that no condition or set of conditions would ensure Defendant’s return to court or the safety of the community.”

Meanwhile, CCP agents arrested as spies for running a PRC police station in New York charged with hunting down Chinese dissidents and spying on U.S. citizens were let out on bail by the same SDNY. What?!

So, I ask, whose side is SDNY on, anyway? China or the U.S.?

“Jim Jordan promised to investigate White House corruption and the FBI’s crimes and abuses. Nearly half a year later, the results are dismal. GOP supporters are still being targeted by rogue law enforcement and former President Donald Trump has been indicted.” Lee Smith, Over the Target

Congressmen, people are starting to ask questions. EpochTV Over the Target host, Lee Smith, produced an April 24 show titled, “Empty Republican Promises.” He summarizes the episode’s premise: “After their November electoral win, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and other Republican House members promised to investigate White House corruption and the FBI’s crimes and abuses. Nearly half a year later, the results are dismal. GOP supporters are still being targeted by rogue law enforcement and former President Donald Trump has been indicted. Is there still time for GOP lawmakers to turn it around?”

“Why isn’t the GOP-led Congress pushing back harder?” Lee Smith, Over the Target

Imagine a general obtaining the game plan of an opposing army—a detailed plan to infiltrate and sabotage. If that general had written strategies for sowing chaos among his armed forces, imprisoning crucial freedom-fighting allies, and ultimately destroying their country, wouldn’t he do everything in his power to check every move of the enemy?

“Sometime, when the team is up against it—and the breaks are beating the boys—tell them to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Gipper…”

Well, GOP, what are we waiting for? Take control of the game. It’s time to win.


Call your representatives in Washington and tell them to free Miles Guo and investigate the complicity of those in the DOJ, court system, and law firms who are clearly carrying out the CCP’s criminal agenda.

Kelly John Walker is an American statesman, writer, branding professional, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FreedomTalk, host of FreedomTalk TV, and a freelance writer.


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