Woke Disney CEO Bob Iger Accuses Gov. DeSantis of Being ‘Anti-Florida’

Last year, upon returning to Disney, CEO Bob Iger announced that he wanted to “quiet things down” in the company and end the ongoing political war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, on Monday, Iger did the complete opposite! He accused the governor of being “not only anti-business, but anti-Florida.” Iger re-ignited the flame during […]

Japan Breaks with U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil Above $60-a-Barrel Cap

Over the last week, Brazil and China announced that they will no longer be trading in U.S. dollars, but rather using their own currency instead. Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran have since followed suit. This means serious trouble for the United States, as this will cause our dollar to collapse and our economy to go […]

Seven CDC Workers Fall Ill While Assessing East Palestine Chemical Explosion

According to reports, seven out of 15 workers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  fell ill while researching the potential health impacts of the train derailment in early March in East Palestine, Ohio. The train, which derailed in early February, was carrying hazardous material that exploded after the derailment, causing an ecological […]