Dr. Simone Gold: California’s Orwellian “Misinformation” Law

Join Frontline Doctors Founder, Simone Gold on FreedomTalk as she discusses California’s new Orwellian gag-order “Misinformation” Law, and how it threatens all of us. “It’s an obvious and direct attack on the First Amendment—freedom of speech—as well as the Fifth Amendment, which says an individual cannot be compelled by the government to provide incriminating information about […]

KJP Stonewalls Reporters, Refuses to Answer Questions on Mishandled Classified Docs

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stonewalled reporters asking about the classified documents found in an old office of President Joe Biden, from when he was Vice President. When reporter Ed O’Keefe pressed for details, Jean-Pierre replied, “Ed, we don’t need to have this. We work very well together. We don’t need to have […]

Report: Biden ‘Surprised’ by Discovery of Classified Documents in His Old Office

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden claimed that he was surprised by the discovery of “boxes” of classified documents in his old, personal office at the Penn Biden Center, from when he was vice president. The sensitive documents, which were found by his personal attorneys, included information on both Ukraine and Iran. “I was briefed about […]