The CCP’s War of Deception: Weaponizing the SEC to Silence GTV Media

Part One: Weaponizing the SEC to Silence GTV Media The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is at war with the United States…and it has a playbook. Unrestricted Warfare, published in 1999 by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), lays out specific strategies to destroy America.  As Brigadier General Robert Spaulding explained in his 2022 book, War Without […]

Kari Lake and the Future of Independent Media

I caught up with Kari Lake at her unexpectedly packed Scottsdale rally on January 29. We discussed the future of the media, and Kari laid out the case for election fraud. In this episode of FreedomTalk, I bring you up to speed on the latest Kari Lake news and play clips of her comments. […]

Failure to Disclose: Above the Law Editor’s Massive Conflict of Interest

‘Above The Law’ Editor Fails To Disclose Massive Conflict Of Interest With CCP While Attacking Chinese Dissidents & Miles Guo. Media outlet “Above The Law” is no doubt lowering its editorial standards by publishing consistent attacks against Miles Guo and his supporters. Articles authored by Joe Patrice repeatedly call into question the authenticity of protests […]